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Belize Babe


Belize Babe

Abigail Diaz

When you think about the heat and humidity in Houston, it doesn’t compare to Belize. The small island is a hot box, only bearable because of the true island breeze that is blowing the entire day. I contemplated sleeping on the balcony just for the breeze. I opted out of staying in a hotel to stay in a hostel. Something I hadn’t done since I was 18 years old. The Sandbar Hostel had great reviews and for about $15 dollars a day, why not?

The county of Belize isn’t anything I expected, which made this trip even more exciting. The local language is English, which makes it the only country in the South Americas not speaking Spanish. The culture was far from what I expected, as well. The people are incredibly nice to the point that they will drive you to another business, just so you can get what you want. The mode of transportation is golf cart or bike. Me being the weirdo I am, I convinced my girlfriends to rent bikes with me. Imagine riding around the island with a cocktail in your hand or a midnight ride with the streets empty; it was awesome. I felt like a kid all over again, besides the booze part.

The food isn’t what you would expect, either. With a mash of Mexican, El Salvadorian, Honduran and Haitian you get a little bit of everything. And not to mention the seafood is some of the best I have had. While visiting the island you must drink a mint piña colada, (you heard me right, mint)! It is better than a traditional piña colada and this one additional herb just up’s the ante on why I was double fisting these babies.

Belize is a great place to also experience nature on another level. The country has the second largest barrier reef, which is a must when visiting. I am not a fan of snorkeling, but it is worth it.  If you are able to visit the mainland I would recommend experiencing the ATM.  Although I was not able to make time for it, the locals told me the next time I come to try it out.

And on that note, I can’t wait to come back soon. Overall Belize stole my heart, the island is still not tainted with tourists. There is still an old world and new world feel to this place. If you are a person who loves to stay on their resort and not explore the destination you are visiting, I don’t recommend Belize to you. This country is for the adventurer who appreciates places that embrace the modern times and appreciates keeping traditions alive.