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Why Travel?

Abigail Diaz

The adventure of seeing a new place and experiencing something you can’t at home is the whole reason for traveling. Getting us out of our element of the day to day and allowing to be. Of course there are always exceptions; work travel, going to see a loved one who may have fallen ill or passed etc.

But, leaving those situations behind, traveling is a very personal action. Growing up, my family never went on vacation, as it was too expensive. However, I couldn’t wait to go to summer church camp. Those four days provided me with adventure, personal time, socializing and exploring. As I got older I would get the chance to go on small missionary trips across to Mexico with my church. Again, the same thrill of being somewhere else from home got me enthusiastic.

The first time I would get the chance to travel abroad would be at the age of eighteen. I remember hearing my youth pastor talking about a mission’s trip to Amsterdam and I was sold, I could care less if I had to clean toilets, I wanted to go. Since we couldn’t afford to send me, I hustled to pay for that trip. At the time I was working at a coffee shop, but I need more income. So I solicited my services for cleaning homes. For months, I would leave from school to cleaning a church members home. The whole experience was humbling and rewarding. At last, the hard work and dedication paid off and I paid my way to Amsterdam.

The point of all of this is, that traveling should be personal. Regardless of the reason of why you are going somewhere, you should take a moment to pause and embrace where you are physically and emotionally.