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Magnificent México

Abigail Diaz

Tomorrow will mark a week since I returned from a three-city tour of México. I had planned this trip for a few years, fantasizing where I would visit for some time and decided last November that I would finally book the trip and buy my flight tickets. The trip began in México City, then I visited Guadalajara and ended in Cabo San Lucas. It took seven days and four flights to complete this tour.

When I stated thinking about visiting México that included these three cities I envisioned it to be a trip with purpose . I had never visited Mexico City (D.F.) or Cabo so those were a must. And my boyfriend had never been to Guadalajara to see the agave fields and where tequila was made. All the cities were different and brought something special in their own way. I’ve created hyperlinks to a few of my favorite places so you can get a sense of how amazing they would be in person.

These are my top 15.

Mexico City D.F.

  • See the Tiffany Ceiling in


  • Tour the Caterdral Metropolitana


  • Visit Lilit and Jules Basement Cocktail Bars

  • Climb to the top of Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan

  • Museo Nacional De Arte ( National Museum of Art)


  • Eat at Café de Tacuba


  • Buy bread from Pasteleria Ideal



  • Tour a Tequila Distillery ( Casa Herradura)


  • Visit Tlaquepaque


  • Eat Mexican street food

  • Make reservation to Allium: Cocina de Huerto


Cabo San Lucas

  • Boat Ride around ‘Lands End” Arco de Cabo and request to stop at Lovers Beach

  • Make Reservations at Sunset Da Mona Lisa during the sunset hour


  • Eat dinner at Los Tres Gallos


  • Breakfast at Mama Royal Café or Lolita’s Restaurant

I will say each city will cater to each individuals wants and needs while on vacation. If you seek history and something to do every hour, D.F. is the place for you. Meeting right in the middle with history and an easier going lifestyle would be Guadalajara and rounding out for the tourist junkie who loves to relax and feel the safety of the States, Cabo is the place. Each brought its own flair, but overall Guadalajara provided culture, history, amazing food and energy coming as the front runner for the city I enjoyed most visiting.

Guadalajara is progressive enough that you still could get around with limited Spanish, but not feel as commercial as Cabo. The culinary scene is definitely elevating, but still keeping core to the roots of their culture. I will absolutely visit D.F. again to dissect the city with more time and planning. Cabo was gorgeous, but the city is over advertised which cheapens it in my opinion and the authenticity of México was lost. Overall the trip was a success and the growing admiration for México over all grows, can not wait until next time.