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Abigail Diaz

Instead of having a fashion section, I decided to have a style section. Although the focus  of this section is fashion, for me style suits my vision better. The definition of style is a manner in which something is done.  I truly believe that how you dress is an extension of yourself and how you want people to view you.  When I decided to start shopgirlblog, the intention was that it would be a fashion-driven site. But, that is just the surface to things I am passionate about.

My first magical moment with fashion came senior year of high school. I can honestly say, I didn’t have the style bug within me as so many others say. (kind of jealous)  But the day my mom gave me a reality check on what I looked like, she was kind enough to also gift me with my first Vogue. My interests at the time were running, boys, social life and getting my braces off. But the moment I opened the pages of Vogue it was a wake-up call. After reading that issue, it was my goal to look my best.

Jump to today and the desire to stay stylish is still as strong, taking pride in how I look. Although I would never consider myself a fashion expert or one of the stylish people I know, I do take pride in the way that I dress.

I invest in my wardrobe, not to show off, but because it builds my confidence. That’s what clothes should do for all. Elevate your best self.