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Abigail Diaz

It has been since September that I have posted. Over the last few weeks I intensified my training for my second Half Ironman. All the extra time I had available was dedicated to getting myself ready for the race. Now that the race has successfully been completed my energy will be back to writing the blog.

On that note, I will start a new style series called #workwearwednesday. What I hope to accomplish with this weekly style update is to encourage and inspire everyone to elevate their work wear. Getting ready to go to work can be such a drag at times, but I feel when you dress well and put in the extra effort to be presentable, not only does your attitude change but the energy you put out does too. If you look good you feel good.

Thinking outside the box and wanting to wear something more than the traditional black is always a great start. Choose a color pallet that is suitable for your skin tone and wear it from top to bottom. This a trend that I love right now, where you find a color tone and wear the various shades together. I decided to go for a lady look that I would wear to the office or to a meeting. It is suitable for work and Sunday brunch, and you could wear it with flats.  Check out the look below.