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Presentation Pattern

Abigail Diaz


Something that many girls tend to forget about is presentation etiquette. When speaking to a group it is important to not only to be direct but also to have appropriate style. A presentation can be ruined by just the distraction of what someone is wearing. The best advice I can give to anyone preparing for a big presentation in the fashion department is to keep it simple and cover up. This is not your time to show off your body, but to show off your mind. Gaining the attention of an audience is crucial for anyone trying to get their point across, but looking the part is the cherry on top.

I recommend wearing clothes that accentuates your body, but not in a bodycon manner. This look is perfect since my waist is the focal point, but the pattern is consistent, which won’t distract the audience from anything else I am wearing. The top covers my chest and the pants are form fitting, but not tight. There is also a flowing pattern from the top to bottom. The long lines in the pattern elongate my look and give the appearance of me being taller than I actually am. Finally, the cuts on the top and pant show a sense of flair and style, still giving a taste of my personality.