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Suit Game

Abigail Diaz


The pantsuit is one of the looks that can become dated for the office. I remember when I started working at my first job that required me to dress professionally. I went to Express and bought myself a few pantsuits. It was a great start for me at a young age, but with time something so basic should be approached as a blank canvas. Changing the way you look at pantsuits allows you to show your personality and experiment.

Some quick tips I can suggest in regard to elevating your pantsuit are that jackets should always be tailored. A tailored jacket on a women is so sophisticated and powerful as well as gives a polished look. Moving down to the pants of the suite, you can wear a high waist, cropped bottoms, trousers or flair. They all will look great with a tailored jacket and the pant allows for versatility. Choosing a top should represent the message you are trying to convey. Play around with pantsuits outside of just work. Wearing a crop top or something embellished is a great look to wear to dinner or to an art gallery opening. This not only allows you to grow your personal look, but your overall wardrobe.