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The Great Cookie C(Rumble)

Abigail Diaz

Who knew Houston had so many amazing chocolate chip cookie options? Growing up my sister made the best chocolate chip cookies (I swear) and then, she changed the recipe and forgot how the original ones were made. I think I was nine when that happened and since then I've been on the hunt. Jump to my senior year of college and I discovered my favorite chocolate chip cookie in Houston was from Brown Bag Deli. The crunchy, buttery exterior with the super moist and rich chocolate center, I was sold. Years have passed since I was in college and the deserts scene has definitely stepped up. So when a few girlfriends and I decided to gather up 20 different cookies from around the city we were all on the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie. To be honest I don't think we knew what we were getting ourselves into. The joy of eating a cookie was quickly interrupted by the realization of eating so many! But, we all pushed thru and decided on our top five. Coming in at fifth Red's Dessert Dive, fourth Brown Bag Deli, third Michael's Cookie Jar, runner-up Common Bond and the leader Tiny Boxwoods.  The overall experience was honestly one of the best. Gathering with like minded food enthusiasts who love creating a moment really showed me a different side to the local food community. I am truly anticipating the next event! 

Thank you to all of our participating bakeries:

And check out all the awesome ladies who participated: