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Velvet Taco

Abigail Diaz

Living in Houston we get more than our fair share of "Tex-Mex" or "Mexican" food. Whatever your preference is, you ultimately can not get away from it. On that note, Houston welcomes its' newest addition Velvet Taco. Coming in from DTX, I have heard all the rage about this taco spot from my friends who live there. So when I saw they were coming here, I was a bit surprised but also excited. Finally, I was going to get the chance to taste what all the hype was about. Not even a month old, Velvet Taco is making waves with taco lovers, late night eaters and foodies. So was the hype worth it? Yes! I was supper impressed with the customer service, how quickly the food arrived & overall taste. To top off the whole experience, the price was not what I would have expected. With tacos ranging from $2.25 - $6.50 I would consider this reasonable, especially since I have seen some pretty ridiculous taco prices within the last few month that will go nameless, ( I paid $12 for a taco.. I KNOW.) Check out what  my food partner in crime Marco Torres and I munched on.

#3 - Crisp Tikka Chicken (I wanted more, so good)
#6 - Falafel (There was no guilt chowing this one down, it was so worth it)
#11 - Grilled Flank Steak (Solid steak taco)
#17 - Ahi Poke RAW (If sushi came in a taco #OMG)

Corn & Tots (AMAZING)

Red Velvet Cake w/ Cajeta ( Do I really need to say more)

**They also have lettuce wraps for the healthy nuts, which I ordered two of those**