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Local Love

Abigail Diaz

When one starts a business, one of the things an owner does is set a lofty goal. For Ahrif and me, it was to have Chef Monica Pope be a featured chef for Aces of Taste (A.O.T). Last Friday that dream came true. This dinner was one of the tipping points for the A.O.T family. With the heavy wave of status she carries in Houston’s culinary scene one might think it would be nearly impossible to convince her to partner with a start up, but she gave us an opportunity to prove ourselves. In fact this dinner captured the spirit of teamwork and Chef Pope’s strong ties to supporting local. In every sense of the word, teamwork was a part of this dinner from start to finish.

When we sat down with Chef Pope’s team and created the menu, the first thing we wanted our guests to experience was learning about local ingredients. In the end, we wanted them to cook a memorable meal as a collective unit, which is where the “teamwork” factor comes into play.

On the evening of the dinner, guests were greeted with a Rémy Martin cocktail while delicious appetizers were passed. Once everyone was settled, the fun part began.

Guests gathered into groups and followed recipes that were created by Chef Pope. Once each station completed their recipe, guests were escorted outside for more Rémy Martin cocktails and networking. In the meantime, the room was transformed into a communal dinner party. Sounds from DJ Charlee Brown set the mood and everyone enjoyed the dinner they all prepared with some additional proteins Chef Pope’s team made for the evening.

The success of this dinner was another one for the books. There is nothing more fulfilling than a delicious meal with great people. Cheers to teamwork and eating local.