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Southern Charm

Abigail Diaz


Last week I featured two new cocktails at Aces of Taste. The theme for this dinner was Southern Charm, in which I served a cognac punch and an apricot infused sidecar. Whenever you host or attend a dinner party, having a punch is a not only a time saver but a guest favorite. I chose to make a cognac punch because it’s usually not the first thing people think about for a punch base, but it was a sweet success. I wanted to show the versatility of what you can make with cognac, since traditionally people enjoy it neat or on the rocks. The play on the sidecar came from my colleague and friend Emily Perkins. She gave me this tasty recipe that not only was it visually appealing but delicious too. Overall the drinks were a hit. With a good amount of prep time, these drinks will be a party favorite. 


Apricot Infused Sidecar 

Prep Time: 24 Hours 


- 1Liter Rémy Martin V 

- 8 Apricots 

- Cointreau 

- Fresh Lemon Juice 

- 8 oz Water 

 ToolsBlender, Strainer, Half Gallon Container 


- Cut apricots in half and sauté them in a pan with 8oz Water

            * Slow Simmer, until apricots are soft

            * An average of 5 minutes

- Place cooked apricots and 1L of Remy Martin V in blender 

            * Blend until apricots and Remy Martin V create a juice like consistency 

- Remove blend and place in plastic container and leave over night. 

 **Next Day

- Strain and Filter- Recommend a tea strainer, to remove chunks 

 Cocktail Execution:

- 2 oz Rémy V Apricot Infusion

- 1 oz Cointreau 

- .5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice  

Rémy Martin Cognac Punch

Prep Time: 1 Hour


- 1Liter Rémy Martin V.S.O.P

- 1/2 cup Port Wine

- 3 cups of water 

- 6 oz super fine sugar

- 3 fresh lemons  

- 6 oz fresh lemon juice

 Tools: Fruit Peeler, Muddler,  Punch Bowl 


- Muddle lemon peels and sugar and let sit for 90 min. 

- Then muddle again and stir in the lemon juice.

- Add Rémy MartinV.S.O.P, port wine and water then stir.

- Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

 Cocktail Execution- To serve, pour into 1-gallon Punch bowl