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The Locals Podcast

Abigail Diaz


A few weeks ago, I received a DM from Anthony Lieng asking if I would be interested in being featured on his recently created podcast - The Locals Podcast.

The podcast focuses on giving local creatives a platform to discuss their personal journey, ambitions, and projects.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about being interviewed since I feel like I’m just barely beginning on my new path. But after learning that a close mentor of mine had been featured on Anthony's podcast, I figured why not. 

On a Thursday afternoon, we agreed to meet up at Prauper, a local creative studio, where I coincidentally had a photo shoot scheduled for a client of mine. 

After a few minutes of getting to know each other, we started the recording process. Anthony did an excellent job preparing great questions and doing his research on me. I’m really happy that we connected and had the chance to talk about what I’m up to. 

I’ve linked to our interview below and want to thank Anthony again for the opportunity. 


Listen via desktop:  The Locals Podcast

L-R: 1. The Locals Podcast logo. 2. As a child for Christmas, everyone got a homemade gift from me. 3. 18-year-old Abby in Amsterdam. 4. A quick snap before the podcast interview.