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Dear 30

Abigail Diaz

Dear Abby,

  Well you have made it to the Big 3-0. Bravo to yourself and all that you have been through. Growing up life was not the easiest, but you always seemed to look at the bright side of things. Here is a quick letter to remind you of what you have accomplished when you find yourself in the low. 

Childhood was daunting as your dad checked out, and your mom was left to raise four kids alone. With limited support, your mom made due. School was never your strong point as you were  struggling with dyslexia but you never gave up; you just learned to work with it. Relying on extra curricular activities to help you find a bright side to school, and to help grow your leadership and communication skills. Graduating high school would be the one time in your life that you felt you didn’t want to grow up.

Your early twenties were a challenge as you were broke, had a good twenty extra pounds on you and could not find a job after graduating college. But, you still could not shake the feeling that this could not be it for your life. A year would go by before finally landing a “real” job. You went from working at a car wash to teaching, all the while, never losing sight of your goals. At times it seems hard to envision your future, since you still don't know what exactly you want to do. But you do know the feeling you want to have when you wake up. Empowered, happy, and curious.  Now you work in a field you love and respect. You don’t see your job as a job, and you wake up everyday loving what you do and the people you meet.

My advice to you Abby, now that you are starting your next chapter: don’t loose the drive. Be even more intentional and direct with your wants and expectations. Remember you only get one life and time does not wait for you. Stay true to yourself, never alter your character, and always remember that everything happens for a reason. Now go be the women you know you can be and stay humble.



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