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Happy New Year

Abigail Diaz

Every year we wake up to that good feeling of a new start ahead of us. We hype ourselves up to believe that we are going to set goals and make them happen. Studies show that an average of 8% of people who set goals for the new year actually accomplish their goals. 

So what does the 8% do that the other 92% don't? It's all about tangibility. 

Last year I had my 28 goals to accomplish in a year. And, unfortunately only a few were achieved. I think my list was too long. So this year I'm keeping it down to two resolutions. First, to focus on this blog. This blog has been a vision of mine since 2011, and now I'm taking that leap to do it. Second, to see the world. My life has been one of work and I love that. But, traveling abroad won’t happen unless I’m more intentional about collecting stamps on my passport. I realized last year that I want to be captivated by unique places, experience some of life’s hidden treasures and document it along the way.    

So here's to 2015! 

Cheers to all and all the big dreams we have, and to those who dare to chase them.