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About Me


I’m Abigail Diaz, the creator of Shopgirl Blog. Back in January 2011, I purchased the domain and months turned into years before executing the vision for what you see today.

Now with the proper commitment and insights, Shopgirl Blog has arrived.

To set the stage for this blog, I am a native Houstonian with an appetite for learning and exploring. In my formative years, I was the girl who didn’t know what she wanted to do because I was having too much fun exploring my creativity and interacting with interesting people, places and foods. My mother’s success story as an immigrant who overcame obstacles, inspired me to go after my dreams and heart.

The result is turning my professional and personal ambition into a digital journal that will hopefully shed positivity and enlightenment for my peers and the next generation. And for all of the amazing and talented individuals who support Shopgirl Blog, this site is a haven for readers to engage with me, each other and to create a community through shared interests.

Shopgirl Blog is for those who savor fabulous food, fancy a memorable trip, dig good style and relish in tasty cocktails. This is a space where all that and more are chronicled for you to indulge.

I’m delighted you’re here and I hope you enjoy.



P.S. The pup you see is my new best friend Sober The Black Lab.